I Am #RockingMotherhood

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#RockingMotherhood? Am I? It is so easy to regret parenting decisions or to feel like you are not doing things the “right” way. This is especially true for me because I have really struggled with Postpartum Depression. That is why I am so glad to participate in the #RockingMotherhood challenge.

My fellow Mommy Blogger Kate at One Pea in the Pod tagged me. My goal is to list 10 ways I am Rocking Motherhood, and it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. Once I got going, though, I actually came up with 12 ways I’m succeeding at motherhood. Anyway, here’s my list:

12 Ways I am Rocking Motherhood:

1. Maternity Leave

I was determined to spend a significant amount of time at home with my daughter after she was born. Though I had to really fight for it, I got to stay at home with her for 6 months. I thank God every day that I was able to take so much unpaid leave without going bankrupt or losing my house.

2. Breastfeeding

I have struggled with low milk supply off and on since my daughter was born. Postpartum depression crept up on me, and I felt like such a failure for supplementing with formula for the first 2 months of my daughter’s life. I was certain I would not make it to 6 months of breastfeeding. However, six months came and went. Then, 12 months came and went. My daughter is now 16 months and still breastfeeding. I love it!

3. Me Time

As with any relationship, “me time” is critically important. With this being my first child, I did not even realize how easy I had it before she became mobile. While she was very small and squishy, I made it a point to get out of the house everyday. Sometimes it was just a walk to Starbucks. Other times, it was a walk around the neighborhood or a trip to my local La Leche League meeting. These days, I am finally taking more “me time” in a form that brings me true joy – improv! I even have my first show since becoming a mom coming up!

4. Positivity

I have challenged myself to be as positive as I can in front of my daughter. This is especially true when it comes to discussing my body and other women’s bodies. I want her to feel beautiful no matter how she looks on the outside, and I do not want to teach her to put other women down. Girl power!

body positive challenge be happy not negative women empowerment

5. Boundaries

My husband and I set boundaries with our friends and families. This mostly pertains to our parenting philosophies, which can be fairly controversial. Although we are not always perfectly consistent in enforcing them, we try. Thus far, we are seeing some good results, and that is a huge win!

6. Work

I went back to work… part-time. Although my boss hates women with families and flexible schedules, I advocated for (and obtained) a schedule where I work 32 hours per week and get Wednesdays off. This does so much for my general happiness and quality of life. I get to be productive in a work setting and have conversations with other adults that do not involve poop. At the same time, I get to take my daughter to the farmers market and a playgroup in the middle of the week!

7. Teamwork

I am really lucky that my husband is becoming much more of an equal partner in parenting. We both work, and we share responsibilities in pretty much every area. So, we decided things really shouldn’t be any different when it comes to parenting. In fact, my husband took off an entire month of paternity leave when I went back to work!

8. Mom Tribe

I do not have any close mom friends. I have lots of mom acquaintances and maybe some mom buddies. That said, I am part of lots of mom communities, or “tribes.” Most of these groups are online, but some actually meet in person! This is such a great way to feel good about being a mom (It’s also a great way to feel awesome about being a mom, but I’m working on positivity). It’s just really nice to know that I’m not alone in the struggle.

9. Digital Memories

In today’s digital age, memories live on a cell phone. My husband and I want our daughter to have access to memories, but neither of us is a scrapbooker. Also, I’ve done nothing with the photos I actually printed. So, we created an email address for her. From time to time, we email her updates about what she likes and what she is learning, and we send pictures of her, us, and other fun things (like those daycare fingerprinting projects we throw away weekly).

email son daughter child childhood digital memories parenthood

10. Intuition

I know my baby, and I know when she is sick. I’m usually right, too. So, I prepare for those rough nights. Nurse, nurse, nurse. Steam shower. Saline drops. Nose Frida. Repeat. I do not like when my baby gets sick, but thus far, when I do take her into the doctor, it feels good for them to tell me I’m doing everything right!

11. Living in the Moment

Before I became a mom, I lived by a rigid schedule and had a seriously long and detailed To Do List. My daughter does not care about either of those things, and I’m glad! I used to miss lots of fun things that were right in front of me because I was too worried about lists and schedules. Now I can just sit back and enjoy the smiles, snuggles, and moments. And if I’m late once in awhile, or if I have to run errands on another day, who cares?

12. Vaccines

I vaccinate, and I advocate for others to vaccinate their children. I have too many friends and family members who are immunodeficient not to vaccinate my baby. Actually, before our daughter’s first set of vaccines (at 8 weeks), we did not allow any visitors who did not have their up-to-date vaccines. We are just not willing to gamble with her health when it comes to preventable disease. Also, I just think it is selfish for people who do not vaccinate to rely on herd immunity to protect their children when they do not contribute to the overall general welfare. So, do your research, and vaccinate your kids!

The Rules

Now that I’ve completed my #RockingMotherhood challenge, it’s time for me to tag some fellow mom bloggers (I’ll also be tagging some followers on social media, so keep an eye out!). The moms I’m tagging are: (1) Paula at and then there were 2; (2) Ariane at Tales of a Real Hollywood Mom; and (3) Alora at Improv Mom. Here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger/mom who tagged you and link to their blog.
  • List 10 things you believe make you a good mother. (This is only a guideline. You can have more or less than 10.)
  • Tag 3-5 bloggers/moms to join in the #RockingMotherhood Challenge.
  • Grab the #RockingMotherhood badge and add it to your post or sidebar.

7 thoughts on “I Am #RockingMotherhood

  • March 27, 2017 at 5:30 pm

    Sounds like you are rocking motherhood! I love mom tribes as well 🙂

  • March 27, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Great ways to Rock Motherhood! I love that you’re doing improv! I too went to 32 hour work weeks after my daughter was born. It’s a struggle but well worth it. Way to go Mama!

  • March 28, 2017 at 2:03 am

    You are rocking! I love the point about positivity. It can really make such a difference for kids! My mother is still relentlessly positive and it definitely rubs off on us!

  • March 28, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Lovely read. I relate to so many of them and I totally have to agree on Intuition. It’s the one thing I strongly believe that all mom’s should embrace.

  • March 29, 2017 at 12:05 am

    Good for you fighting for what you deserve and need! You are rocking motherhood!

  • March 29, 2017 at 4:11 am

    Great tips! There are so many resources for moms these days. The important thing is to enjoy each stage with your kids.


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